God creates this world with all the love, He has. He creates all the things of this world that are uniquely different from each other and possesses different unique qualities. When he was trying to create a thing that could care for all the creation of this world, He created a “HUMAN BEING”. He took a lot of qualities that He wants in this species have to, which can make this totally different and unique from other creations.

As we discuss what is the meaning of human beings, in science, it is a process of development of our forefathers, mentally and physically. Every person has a different opinion about being a human being. Being a human being doesn’t mean having a nose, eyes, ears, a mind, etc because every living thing has these organs to do its work. A question, I think, stuck on everyone’s mind what makes us different from other creatures of God because we see that, for example, plants and animals can also breathe and a living thing but they can’t express themselves. They can walk, eat, breathe, feel but there is no mind development in them actually this is our mind development that makes us different.

We “HUMAN BEING” do all the works for our development of society and this world. Being good is the goal of a human’s life. We use our mind not only to feed ourselves but to develop ourselves also we want succession different stages of life, we have an aim to achieve, have the experience to share, and passionate to make perfection in our life. There is an eagerness in human beings to know about this universe and every little thing God had created, this universe, and every little thing God had created, this makes us develop and passionate about life. We make relationships and connections with each other not only to live our life but to know how we can succeed, how we can make our life perfect because we want perfection in our life and everything which can make our life fill with luxuries. We have feelings to express and the power to emote ourselves. We have an understanding of nature to know what is happening in our society and in this nature.

After this discussion, we can say that “HUMAN BEING” is a balance of mind, patience, strong will power, lovable nature, selfless nature, and a continuous process of development of mental intelligence.

This is the human being who can care or destroy this world, totally depend on them how they use their powers, given by God.

If we talk about a human being then it is not possible that we don’t talk about “HUMANITY”. It is the most powerful quality of a human being, the peculiar nature of human, by which it can be distinguished from other beings. One can define this as ‘the power of mercy of pure heart fill with love’. As we know love is the natural tendency of this world by which everyone related to each other. That is humanity means caring for and helping others whenever and wherever possible, humanity means forgetting your selfish interests at a time when someone needs your help.

In the play of “William Shakespeare”, “The Merchant of Venice”, mercy is defined very purely and in a great way. In this play, there is a dialogue on the quality of ‘Mercy’, said by the character of Portia, by this, she describes mercy as the noblest quality of the human heart. The most beautiful line said by her is,


                                                                        ‘It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven,

                                                                          Upon the place beneath, it is twice blest’


It means that mercy is a double blessing, it blesses both the giver and receiver. It is just like a gentle rain falls from heaven. Showing humanity is a result of being a pure-hearted person, who is ready to help everyone. When the quality of humanity mingled with the earthly power it becomes divine like that the seat in which the emperor ‘Vikramaditya’ sat, become divine because after being ruined when someone sat on it strangely there is a power of justice possessed by them. That is when we do a good deed & it comes back to us as a result of a blessing. When someone only thinks about the welfare of this world and does all the works without any selfishness and doesn’t expect anything in return, is called humanity. All human beings possess this quality but not shown by everyone.


There is a quote in the holy book “Ramcharitmans” said by the Tulsidas is, “There is a no duty like the welfare of others and there is no meanness like giving trouble to others”.


That is helping others who need it is the best work you have ever done after doing the help of the needy there is a sense of peace come into our hearts which can’t be described. We feel happy after doing something like that. One can’t be forced to show humanity because it comes from the heart. When a person starts thinking about the welfare of others and this world, he doesn’t need to think about himself because in this way he earns the blessing of others by giving them happiness.

One of the most outstanding examples of extraordinary humanity in humanity in a human being is Mother Teresa, who lived her whole life for the needy.

Humanity means extending unconditional love to each and every living being on Earth. A perfect example of humanity can be described by the following story…..

“A king with a kind heart once saw a pigeon and an Eagle fighting. He possessed the ability to communicate with birds and animals. The pigeon asked the king to save him from the eagle. The king told the eagle that he is ready to pay any price in return for saving the pigeon. The eagle asks the king to give him an equal amount of flesh to the weight of the flesh of the pigeon. Agreeing to the Eagle’s condition, the king starts chopping off his own flesh equal to the flesh of the pigeon. After donating a little bit of his flesh, he still finds the pigeon heavier. Finally, he surrenders the whole of himself to the Eagle to eat. That is the moment when both the Eagle and the pigeon turn into angels who appeared on the earth to test the extent of the king’s humanity. The king is now rewarded with the most precious reward and heaven afterlife for his deed of humanity.”


By this story, one can individuals understand the importance of humanity in their day-to-day lives. It is important to understand one important fact; an individual’s life is successful not by the number of degrees he or she attains but by the degree of activities of humanity by which we can get the heave after death. Serving the poor and the disabled is one of the greatest humanitarian help one can provide in his or her lifetime. It is essential to understand the fact that we are extremely lucky to have everything we desire at any point of the time we need. Serving the needy means that you yourself think that you should do this, not by forced by someone.




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