Menstrual cups should be a preference…

Menstruations, a not so discussed topic in our society, a life-giving biological process in women’s bodies. Why does it become a taboo among the people..?? So much ill traditions to follow during that period in some families, even have to live alone in a room without interacting with your family members.

Now as the people come ahead to talk about it, awareness increases but not at a satisfactory level, awareness still needs to be reached to the last mile people. There are many initiatives by the government to make sure every girl, who is in puberty level, get the sanitary pads, available in primary healthcare free of cost, even in government schools girls should be given those sanitary pads every month.

           But the problem of degradation has started due to huge waste of sanitary napkins, disposed of in an inappropriate way ( often, even biodegradable also not degraded), become a problem like disposal of plastics.

       There are many options available to girls for hygienic periods like tampons and menstrual cups. The menstrual cup, a funnel shape cup, should be inserted into the vagina and the collected blood can be easily disposed of in soil, work as fertilizer. It is reusable for many years, comfortable, hygienic, cost-effective, can be used for 10 hours easily, available in every size, and environment friendly. Virginity loss fear also comes in many virgin women’s minds so married women can easily prefer these cups.

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